Make like a South Asian soldier on the Western Front and write about your experience. Here’s some guidelines.

Length: short! Anywhere between 200 and 500 words is good.

Content: Whatever you find interesting and think is relevant about the project. Images are good.

Things that I think are interesting include:


  • Who are you and why are you interested in this project, this history?
  • How does this project or history make you feel?
  • What are you learning and gaining from the project?
  • What do you think has changed for you since the project started?
  • How does what you do or see in the rest of your life affect what you think about the project?
  • How are you finding doing research?


  • A tiny snapshot of their lives revealed to us by a piece of original material – a photograph, object or news report
  • A question that you have that you are trying to answer – even if you don’t think you’ve got a comprehensive answer (or any answer) yet.
  • Why this history is important?

Specific ideas:

  • I’d love a blog on how frustrating it is to have a research avenue close down on you. You’ve been looking and looking for something in particular, and then it turns out it doesn’t exist or you don’t know where to go next – nothing worse!
  • The moment you felt an emotional punch – positive or negative – whilst researching. It might be very personal – something reminded you of a holiday you went on, or a frightening experience you had, or a person you once knew.
  • Questions! What do you think is missing from our story of South Asian soldiers today?
  • New experiences – what have you done or experienced differently through this project or knowledge of this history
  • Anniversaries: we have anniversaries galore coming up – VC winners (Shamahad Khan, 12 April), the end of the Siege of Kut (29 April) and even international days of relevance to the conflict (like Military Spouses’ Day, 11 May) – would anyone like to write something relating to these? It doesn’t have to be a biography or history – it could be ‘a list of questions you would like to ask someone’ or a consideration of the gaps – what we don’t know about these people – or a perspective on the campaign from a different angle.

This list is not exhaustive!

Please email to – I am very happy to act as editor if that helps.