Digital Storytelling workshop agenda

Digital storytelling workshop with DigiTales
Workshop 1, 26 May 2016, 0930 – 1800

Purpose of the Workshops:

DigiTales has been commissioned to work with volunteers to enable them to devise digital stories that will enhance the exhibition that is scheduled to take place in November.

Digital Stories have been described as ‘digital sonnets from the people’ (Meadows, 2006); and they are ‘about a lived experience of the author told, at least in part, as a description of a moment (or a series of moments) in time”. (Lambert, 2013). Clearly, we do not have such ‘authors’ available to create the stories for this project.  Through a range of creative exercises we will help you to create imaginative interpretations of the stories that were never told.  We will work with you to record your stories, do some simple audio editing and create digital stories incorporating images and sounds using iMovie.  We will aim to produce some digital stories with you over two day-long workshops and leave you with enough skills to be able to continue to create stories using the facilities and support that can be provided by Collage Arts.

Preparation for the Workshop

Please bring with you one object that has a particular meaning for you.  It might be, for example, something given to you; perhaps something from your childhood, or from a member of your family’s childhood; perhaps it’s a book; maybe it’s a recipe.  Maybe it’s a toy, or an item of clothing.

Indicative Programme:

0930    Welcome and Introductions
What are digital stories?  Some examples.

1030    Coffee/tea

1045    Story Circle [indicative exercises]:

  • Every picture tells a story exercise
  • Favourite object

1145    FFWF: What have we got to work with?
Discussion of available objects, printed documentation, images from which to develop narratives.
Story Prompts and initial script development

1300    Lunch

1345    During the afternoon we will divide into groups and undertake two activities:

  1. a) Technical Skills – demonstration and practice using Audacity and iMovie
  2. b) Story prompts, script development
  3. c) Story performance and initial recordings

1700    Sharing results and planning for next workshop.

To join the workshop, please RSVP to and fill in and return this Participants’ questionnaire by 4 May 2016.