Quiz Master

Everyone loves a good quiz! They can help us learn and test what we know. You’ll be working out what makes quizzes interesting and designing one that will stand the test of time on our website.

Volunteer role: Quiz Master

Time frame: March – April 2016; July – August 2016. Opportunities to be involved throughout.

Location: Venues across London. Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Purpose: To test people’s knowledge and/or help them deepen their understanding of the South Asian experience of WW1.

Tasks: Creating the quiz! This might be a Choose Your Own Adventure or a knowledge testing quiz with a leaderboard showing the most successful respondents. You’ll need to explore what makes a good quiz and work with our researchers, digital storytellers and exhibition curators to create one which achieves the goals you set for it.

Skills required: A love of quizzes! Or an interest in using interactive learning to educate. An interest in technology and how this can be used to create a more engaging tool would be welcomed.

Support/training provided: Supervision by the Project Coordinator, support with content from the research team and audience needs from the exhibition making team.

Other roles you might be interested in: As Quiz Master, you may want to be involved in the research beforehand, think about other ways to engage exhibition visitors or be involved in getting your quiz onto the website We welcome volunteers who want to do it all!

Interested? Get in touch!