Exhibition Management

The exhibition is the culmination of the project and it will be up to you to make it look amazing throughout for every one of the thousands of visitors.

Volunteer role: Exhibition Management

Time frame: September 2016 – March 2017, with the most intensive commitment required in November 2016.

Location: Venues across London. Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Purpose: To ensure that the exhibition goes smoothly and looks fantastic.

Tasks: Liaising with the building manager to find out requirements and plan the installation of the exhibition. Installing the exhibition. Maintaining the cleanliness and presentation of exhibits. Organising a schedule of room guards if required.

Skills required: Organisational skills and attention to detail.

Support/training provided: Supervision and support from the Project Coordinator and expert curator.

Other roles you might be interested in: If you’re working in Exhibition Management, you may want to be involved in designing the exhibition from the start, as well as creating events to engage the public in each exhibition space.  We welcome volunteers who want to do it all!

Interested? Get in touch!