Exhibition Engagement

Some exhibition visitors will always want to know more! Be the person who knows what the questions will be and knows all the answers.

Volunteer role: Exhibition Engagement

Time frame: October – November 2016 and December 2016 to April 2017

Location: Venues across London. Travel expenses will be reimbursed.

Purpose: To excite visitors about the exhibition through off-the-cuff conversations and a well-planned programme of events.

Tasks: Being on-hand during the exhibition to welcome people and answer practical and historical questions. Planning and organising a programme of events for the public to attend to increase interest in the exhibition, from film showings to discussion groups. Designing and running tours of the exhibition to explain the content and increase interest. You may wish to attend other events at other museums to gather ideas.

Skills required: People skills are a must for visitor-facing volunteering, as well as confidence to engage with strangers about a topic. An interest in the content of the exhibition and a creative approach to how to make people enthusiastic.

Support/training provided: Supervision and support from the Project Coordinator, heritage consultant and expert curator.

Other roles you might be interested in: If you’re working on Exhibition Engagement, you may want to help design the exhibition itself, publicise your events on social media or be involved in the research beforehand. We welcome volunteers who want to do it all!

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